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SEVEN SEAS is specialized in the promotion of collaborations between governments and the private sector and offers its clients a wide range of services that aim for the reduction of risk and optimization of opportunities in the diverse markets in which they operate or plan to do so.

SEVEN SEAS offers customized internationalization solutions and collaborates in the strengthening of global relations between countries, governments and multilateral organizations. Cooperation for sustainable development is encouraged along the way and the tools developed are designed to manage business plans and projects abroad.

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  • Market research, economic analysis, financial, social, cultural and political studies of regions and countries
  • Market penetration: organization of prospective missions, participation in business fairs, forums, conventions and other relevant events
  • Identifying opportunities and potential collaborations amongst the private and public sectors, global organizations, foundations and investment funds
  • Development and revision of conceptual and commercial proposals in accordance with socio-cultural, economic and business standards of the target market
  • Counseling on the establishment of companies on foreign soil, with experience in countries like Brazil, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Morocco and Tunisia
  • Commercial representation: ensuring the client’s commercial interests are protected in promoting products, services and/or projects in prospective markets
  • Development and management of international projects
  • Elaboration of high-level agendas and public relations
  • Commercial management consulting, follow-up of contacts and elaboration of proposals and final commercial agreements
  • Assistance on negotiations, project execution and other commercial transactions



  • Selection of global companies, institutions, funds or initiatives with potential interest in investing in a project or business
  • Identification and analysis of initiatives, projects and businesses with potential for international investment
  • Connection amongst interested parties and counseling during the operations and negotiations until finalizing agreements and initiatives are implemented



  • Identification of collaboration opportunities between different organizations, including the private and public sector, global organizations, foundations and investment funds, to form strategic alliances that foster the common interests of all parties involved
  • Analysis and selection of international and local partners
  • Formation of consortia and joint ventures in various sectors or countries to strengthen their competitive position



  • Development of targeted messaging, both global and local, according to a country, city, region, tourist destination or company 
  • Conception of marketing strategy including positioning, branding, corporate image and online identity
  • Creation of communications material including platform-specific messaging, and strategy 

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  • Prospective analysis of the current political, regulatory and social situation in all levels
  • Identification of relevant players, the inter-relational dynamics and collaboration possibilities
  • Establishment of goals and strategies regarding public affairs and corporate diplomacy
  • Reputational management 
  • Advice on the design of public policies, their evaluation and implementation

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  • Forging specialized corporate social responsibility platforms, suited to the company’s philosophy, positioning and strategic vision
  • Evaluation of the supply and partnership networks of the corporation, ensuring that all members of the value chain are respectful of human rights, the laws and the environment
  • Structuring of a company’s operations to prioritize local products and manpower, encouraging the growth of the regional economy and the reduction of carbon footprint 
  • Local workforce capacity building programs to promote the transfer of technology and knowledge